Character Creation

Active & Passive
Younger Players


You may have one character at a time – if you want to play a different character, you must retire your current character first, and they will not be playable again.

They may be a member of at most one warband – you can change warband during the event, but you will only get the settlement bonuses (if any) for the warband you start the event with. You do not have to be in a warband.

You don’t have to come from the same direction as your warband, but it is the most obvious choice. You might also have traits of a bloodline.

See play styles to get an idea of what your character may be doing at the event.


All characters (with the exception of Younger Players) start with 1 hit, may wear any armour and use any weapons.

You can then pick 2 skills from the following list (you cannot pick the same skill twice):

  • Resilient (Passive): Reduces recovery (time before you can be healed without spending power) to 1 minute, and may reduce the effect of some death cards.
  • Tough (Passive): Gains an extra body hit, and doubles the effect of wearing armour.
  • Invocation (Active): May cast spells and cantrips (which are also used to empower items), and attempt to remove curses. 
  • Healer (Active): Can heal (see Injury, Death and Healing). 
  • Blessed (Active): Starts the event with 3 points of Personal Power (note this does not refresh during the event). 
  • Harvester (Active): May harvest resources (requires a Referee), see Resources and once per event may convert any common resource into another common resource.

Active & Passive

Skills, blessings, curses and items may all be active or passive – if not explicitly mentioned the default is passive.

Active abilities require some sort of effort on a characters part and cannot be used if that character is injured or paralysed.

Passive abilities require no effort and can always be used unless explicitly noted otherwise.

Warbands and Group Leaders

Each character may be part of a warband of their choice, and may choose to change warband at any time – however, bonuses for being in a warband will only come from the warband the character begins the event in. Each warband may have IC leaders (or not!), and these may change at any time.

Each warband must have a single named out of character group leader, and should have a named alternate (especially for larger groups), who will handle all OC transactions at GOD (and anything else that needs the consent of the warband as a whole). These people should stay the same during the event, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

See Warband Creation guidelines for more details on warbands.

Younger players (under 16)

Players under 16 cannot fight in the Battlegrounds, or on Unholy Ground, except for supervised situations arranged by the Young Player Team.

Players under 5 do not have any skills, and cannot inflict damage or benefit from armour.

Players over 5 may apprentice to a character with skills to be able to use a single skill that character has (excluding Tough and Blessed). This includes the ability to use weapons, benefit from armour, and to inflict damage. The skilled character must be present for the young player to use the skill, and must be capable of using the skill themselves, e.g. not on 0 hits or unresisting. The young player may apprentice to multiple characters to try out different skills, but may only use a single skill at a time, and only when being actively coached. The intention of this ability is to allow younger players to experience the game under the supervision of a responsible adult.

A younger player that has passed their rite of passage at the Ludus may choose skills as per an adult player and may inflict damage.

The character of a young player of any age can take damage and may die, but their trip to the underworld will be handled by our Young Player Team, and they may have their parent or guardian with them throughout (the parent/guardian will not be disadvantaged).

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