Concept and Design

Here are some of the concepts we applied when designing Legacy – it will be up to you to decide how well we have achieved against each and we are happy to take feedback.

  • Game styles we have actively tried to support:
    • Player vs player ‘friendly’ fights in the arena
    • Player led politics and a strong religious game between warbands
    • Resource and trading game
    • Both group play in warbands and solo play, supported by NPCs
    • Group advancement via settlements

Games styles that are not actively supported:

      • Assassination or stealing within Holy Ground
      • Individual character skill¬†advancement

Opt in: where possible we aim to make each part of the game opt in, so you as a player get to choose what parts of the game you want to interact with and what parts you can ignore, without overly impacting your experience of the game

New players: we are keen to both encourage new players and to lower the bar to entry, with a simple rule system and Sword & Shield hire, some FAQs for new players can be found here

Young players: we are keen to support young players and parents/guardians of young players, hence the Young Player Engagement Team

Player empowerment: where possible we would like to encourage players to both drive plot and bring colour and background to the world

Separate IC and OC: we aim to avoid attempting to resolve OC problems with IC solutions, and conversely to avoid situations which encourage IC behavior which then causes OC upset

Seek out feedback from the community and learn from it – but do not try to design by committee

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