Covid Policy

Attendees to Legacy LRP events are asked to observe the following

We will monitor and update this policy in line with changes to the pandemic and any relevant government guidance:

  1. All event attendees will be asked to ensure they are Covid free prior to travelling to the event, information on Covid safety and testing can  be found on Government and NHS sites.  If you are unable to attend the event due for Covid related reasons we will offer a ‘no proof required’ full refund of your event ticket price.
  2. We will ask you to show a valid Covid pass or other proof of your Covid status on arrival, we will not store this information so please do not send it to us in advance.  Government guidance on displaying your Covid status can be found here
  3. Attendees are asked to observe social distancing guidelines and respect other attendees boundaries. Nothing in the game rules or setting may compel attendees to breach these and if in doubt any participant may ask for a Referee to agree a socially distancing appropriate compromise
  4. Legacy LRP will provide hand cleansing facilities in communal areas and you are encouraged make regular use of them. Masks will not be mandatory but should be considered a common occurrence (even OOC looking masks) in our post apocalyptic plague ridden setting
  5. Legacy LRP will not provide shared makeup resources and will not ask any participant to undertake roles requiring makeup. Attendees are still welcome to bring and apply their own makeup, we only ask you leave any communal areas clean and tidy after doing so
  6. Where indoor accommodation is provided we cannot guarantee to allocate rooms to family or support bubbles but will do our best to accommodate reasonable requests
  7. You are encouraged to take post event Covid testing and precautions, where possible and practical



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