Crew Details

Crewing Legacy LRP

Welcome and thank you for volunteering to crew Legacy LRP.

We are a not for profit organisation run by volunteer LARPers and could not run these event without others pitching in to help. Having said that crewing should be fun also so please let us know if there are crew roles you would prefer or roles you would rather avoid.

We aim to keep plot information on separate forums so that you have the option to switch between crewing and playing at different events without being exposed to plot that you may want to play with.

Booking Events

Booking events is free for crew, please do take the time to book on the website as this helps us with various admin stuff and to know if we have enough crew for the event

At the event

At Skreen’s Park there are two building full of bunk rooms, if you would like to claim a bunk please let us know and we will add you to the bunk list. The buildings also have toilets and showers

Each building has a kitchen which you are free to use. We will lay on free soft drinks and food that you can prepare or cook yourself, please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

We aim to ensure everyone has a bit of time for rest and relaxation and if you want to spend a little time relaxing in the IC area then either plot can provide you with a R&R character or you can play a player character. If you decide to play a PC, we do ask that you avoid getting involved in PvP or plot.

Crew Recruitment

If you want to sponsor someone as a potential crew member then please contact one of the Management Team to gain approval for them to crew.

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