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In Character information

“The Iris once again opens, after the longest dark yet. Winter has finally receded and brought warmth and life to the lands.
However, this time the winds whisper of a place named Twilight’s Edge. A place said to be where the Fae crossed over originally into the umbra to travel the paths between worlds.
Twilight’s Edge has been guarded by a mysterious family known only as the Vandrende Fa. Guided by Borvarith to watch this place against some future time when mortals would reclaim it for their own.
Aid your kinsfolk in driving back the shadows. The hearth fires are lit and once more we seek to forge a legacy.”


The Druids have announced the following opportunities to earn renown


  • The general of each region shall be given three chances to challenge another region

Non Martial

  • The Druids will judge camp hospitality each day.
  • Warbands are requested to provide delicacies to show their ability to provide both sustenance and food for the soul with renown provided to the top three.


  • Each warband will be given the opportunity by their deity to make their own challenge

Arriving, Leaving and Time in

  • You can arrive from anytime after 3pm Friday (note the site has a school in the morning so this is the earliest we are allowed on)
  • Time in will be ~6pm Friday to 1am Saturday,10am Saturday – 1am Sunday, 10am Sunday – 3pm Sunday.
  • You must be offsite by 6pm on Sunday



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