Equality & Diversity

At its core Equality and Diversity means treating everyone as equals whilst respecting their differences.

We aim to run a game that can be equally enjoyed by anyone irrespective of age, disability, gender or gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race (colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Given the nature of our LRP event we expect there to be IC competition and conflict between individuals and warbands but you should always avoid situations where IC conflict could be confused with OC discrimination or harassment. To this effect:

  • Our setting does not include gendered roles and we will not accept warband backgrounds that propose gendered societies. All roles in our game, IC or OC, are open to all genders.
  • Younger players (under 16) are the only instance where age differences are recognised in the game, see the  Young Player section for more detail.
  • There is a strong religious component to the game and it is perfectly acceptable to insult another IC religion but not an OC religion. This is why we insist that any Deities proposed by warbands cannot be confused with modern religions.
  • There are several IC bloodlines and a deliberate geographical split between IC settlements in the north, east, south and west. These are all valid targets for conflict or insult.
  • Sexual harassment is not a theme that can be explored in this game, neither is persecuting others for their sexual orientation or presentation.
  • Non-consensual or underage sex does not occur in this game in any way shape or form.
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