Bloodline A game term combining concepts of race and species to allow for IC tensions between what are in many ways different species but which can still interbreed.
Character The game persona or role being played by participants in the game.
Crew Participants that have volunteered to help run the event.
GOD (Games Operations Desk) The central admin point of the event.
Hits The number of times you character can be struck before they become seriously injured. Also referred to as global hits i.e. a hit to any location will reduce your global hit total by one.
Holy Ground Ground that has been protected by the gods. OC, an area that is safe from monster attacks and where player versus player assassination or stealing is strongly discouraged.
IC (In Character) Used to describe objects or activities that are part of the game world.
Lammie A plastic laminated piece of paper or card with game instructions written on it.
LRP or LARP Live Action Roleplaying
Monster A role played by a crew member or player volunteer with a role / agenda written by the game team. Usually antagonistic or combative.
NPC Non Player Character, usually a role played by a crew member with an agenda written by the game team. Agendas will vary and some may be antagonistic.
OC or OOC Out of Character, not part of the game.
Phys Rep Physical Representation, an object representing something in the game world e.g. a LRP sword is a phys rep of a real sword in the game world.
Player or PC Player character, a role played by a game participant with an agenda generated by that person rather than by the game team.
Ref or Referee Referees are a type of crew member with specific responsibilities to ensure rules are followed and combat is carried out safely.
Unholy Ground Ground beyond the sight of the gods. OC an area where monster attacks may be both common and deadly, and where all types of player versus player conflict may occur.
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