Known Resources

A list of of known resources and what they look like.

Blood Grass (Common) - Red Leaves
Boneleaf (Common) - Celery like stalks
Buttercup (Common) - Yellow Flowers
Death’s Gift (Common) - Mushrooms
Death’s Tears (Common) - Sap or amber liquid
False Willow (Common) - Long Leaves
Flower of Life (Common) - White Flowers
God’s Beard (Common) - Green Moss
Magic Armour / Shield (Rare) - Any armour or shield
Magical Item (Rare) - Any item
Magical Weapon (Rare) - Any shaped weapon
Natural Armour / Shield (Uncommon) - Any armour or shield
Natural Item (Uncommon) - Any item
Natural Weapon (Uncommon) - Any shaped weapon
Philosopher’s Stone (Rare) - A stone or anvil
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