New Players FAQs

What is live roleplaying (LRP) or live action roleplaying (LARP)?

In short its a game where you physically portray a character acting out a story of some kind and normally with a set of rules.

Wikipedia has a page that provides a lot more detail on the hobby, LARPages is UK specific directory of various resources and LARP Haven is a global Facebook community – to name but a few of the various places you can get more information on the hobby as a whole.

What is LegacyLRP?

Its a fantasy based LRP system set in a world similar (but different) to dark ages Europe, in this world the fall of civilisation was brought about by the withdrawal of the Gods and an apocalyptic invasion of monsters of various sizes and shapes. The game starts with the Gods re awakening and calling the survivors to meet together and fight and compete for rewards that will benefit their settlements.

There will be regular arranged battles between different groups of players in the safe area  (Holy Ground) where death is rare and also not final. This area is also safe to engage in politics, trading or just interacting with the game and the other players. The story and politics will be largely driven by the players actions and decisions with Non Player Characters playing supporting roles or providing options for players to choose.

There will be higher risk areas that you can enter by choice and fight or sneak past monsters and other players to win prizes. Character death is more likely and others may seek to attack you or steal from you but with greater risk comes greater reward.

What would I need to bring?

The event is camping so you will need to bring a tent and sleeping bag and all the various bits and bobs you would bring on a camping trip

There will be food vendors on site and a bar selling alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks but you may wish to bring your own food and drink

You will need to bring some kind of In Character costume appropriate to the dark age setting, the culture and briefs page will give you some ideas of styles. There will be traders on site that will sell costume or you can look online for LRP traders, the UK LARP Kit Facebook group has links to many of the online traders. If you want make your own costume there are some guides online and here is a Facebook group that gives some tips on how to put together a costume for £30 or less

If you wish to fight you will need to bring LRP weapons shields and armour. Again you can order these from online traders, the on site traders will sell these or you can rent a sword a shield when you book – we have limited stocks to rent so you are advised to book this early to avoid disappointment. It is worth noting that different LRP games can have different rules about safe weapon construction, LegacyLRP’s guidelines are documented here but are largely the same as the other large festival system in the UK (if in doubt give your supplier the link and ask them if your intended purchase is likely to meet these guidelines)

What happens when I arrive on site?

You will be met by our gate team that will handle on the gate payments or check you off the list if prebooked and direct you towards parking and camping areas. All modern tents must be pitched in the out of character camping area next to the car park, if you have an In Character tent you may choose to pitch it in the In Character area instead. Vehicle access to the In Character area will be regulated up to time in and will not be allowed after the game has started

The Games Operation Desk will be open and able to deal with any game queries you may have, get any LRP weapons and armour checked (which you must do at the start of the event), for training in how to use LRP weapons safely and effectively and for group leaders to pick up their groups resources.

New Player Briefings

We will run a briefing session for new players to cover the game,  rules, how to fight safely and answer any questions you may have. Details of when and where to meet will be published in GOD at each event but if you miss it we will try to arrange for a member of our new player team to run you through the basics.

Why should I try LegacyLRP?

There are a wide range of LRP games in different genres and with a variety different features, like many other forms of entertainment it is very much a question of personal choice and opinions will vary depending on who you talk to. LegacyLRP is designed to be relatively easy to access for new players and some of our design choices were to make the rules simple, the costume and armour requirements easy to meet and we encourage families to bring their children. Overall the game is designed to give a reasonably balanced mix between different types of combat and non combat styles of play, more details on styles of play can be found here.

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