Codes of Conduct

General Principles
Equality & Diversity
Safe Guarding

General Principals

Our aim is to run events that are fun for a diverse and inclusive range of players.

Our codes of conduct are designed to make clear the expectations on how we expect all attendees of the event to treat each other to make the event fun for all. We also want participants to feel comfortable raising issues, so that we can take appropriate action to resolve the situation.

Often the best way to address issues is to try to sort them out informally and as soon after they occur as possible. The person(s) may not know that their behavior is upsetting or offending you, so you may feel that you can discuss this with them directly, or with the support of another person you feel comfortable with.

Reporting Rules or Codes of Conduct Breaches

If you have experienced an issue that you are not comfortable or able to resolve yourself, please ask at GOD or find a crew member with a radio to contact someone who can assist you – we will find the appropriate crew member to assist you. We are also happy for you to email with your issue – but you should note that the more time that passes, the more difficulty we will usually have investigating the issue.

We take breaches of our code of conduct seriously and may issue warnings or bans as a result (see Event Safety and Disruptive Play). We treat all reports as confidential and information will only be shared on a need to know basis, we will also respect the wishes of all involved parties with regard to anonymity (within the limitations of any legal obligations).


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