Referees, NPCs, GOD and Monstering

Referees and NPCs

Crew members wearing black and white tabards are game referees and are available to answer rules questions, arbitrate in any rules or game based situation, and will monitor combats for safety. Referees can be interacted with IC as neutral servants of the gods – they cannot be affected nor affect anything and will never take sides in any IC situation.

Various other NPCs exist and will have various agendas and powers. Anyone wearing a radio is a staff member that may be approached with any game question – but please do not disturb other players’ roleplay to do so, unless it is an emergency. Staff members will do their best to answer your questions, or refer you to someone who can answer if they are unsure.

Games Operations Desk (GOD)

The Games Operation Desk, or GOD, will be staffed throughout time in and be a place to ask questions, register various game transactions or request assistance.

Volunteering to Monster

Players may come to GOD, and volunteer their services as monster crew at any time. Completing a monstering role will earn you renown for your group or power for your character – IC, you have gone off into unholy ground for a while to patrol the area, and may also come back with a small snippet of plot if we have any available. There may be information in GOD as to when monsters would be particularly appreciated.

Monstering roles will be a mix of combat and non combat roles, if you have a specific preference make this clear to the staff in GOD.

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