Safety and Interactions

Restraining, Searching, Carrying and Grappling
Event Safety and Disruptive Play


On Holy Ground stealing is forbidden by the gods, but items may be voluntarily exchanged. If you steal an item on Holy Ground, even if it is unattended, please report it to a referee as soon as possible.

Only items that have been labelled as IC can be stolen. This includes any item with a Legacy LRP lammie attached, power cards or documents marked as IC .

If the item you are stealing is attached to a physical object (e.g. a sword or armour) then you must take the object to GOD as soon as possible after stealing it, so the OC owner of the object can collect it. It is strongly recommended you get a referee in advance of undertaking any such activity as otherwise any benefit of the doubt will be given to the victim.

Restraining, Searching, Carrying and Grappling

To restrain, search or carry another character, they must be IC willing, unresisting or dead. Restraining or searching take a minute of roleplaying the action. Never actually touch someone without OC consent.

Injured characters (on 0 hits) are unresisting; taking someone by surprise does not count.

Do not actually tie people up – they must be free to use their limbs OC. Restrained characters are unresisting until freed; they can free themselves after 10 minutes of being unattended, even if Injured.

If you are searched, you must hand over any IC stealable items. 

Carrying someone requires two free/empty hands (can be between two people with one hand each). Physically dragging another person by the arms or legs, picking them up or trying to move them against their will can lead to OC injury and such activity will be stopped unless both parties can demonstrate clear consent and the activity is not disrupting the event

Grappling or stage fistfights are not covered by the event rules. There is no official way to damage another character without using a LRP weapon. Any such activity will be stopped unless both parties can demonstrate clear consent and the activity is not disrupting the event experience of others.

Event safety and disruptive play

The list below are specific safety rules due to the nature of the event, but all participants are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of others, both physically and mentally.

Please report breaches of these rules – or any other behaviour causing risk of upset or injury – to a referee or any staff member (crew wearing radios or in GOD), who will investigate and take action as required. See Policies for more details of how reported issues will be handled.

Behaviour that is disruptive to play may result in warnings or banning from Legacy LRP events. Disruptive play can occur even when the letter of the rules are being followed – in such cases, OC discussions may be held with involved parties to try to resolve any issues. If you are unsure if your roleplay may be disruptive, please consult with a referee or a member of the game team.

  • All weapons, armour and shields must be checked by members of the Legacy LRP Weapons Checking team before being used (see construction guidelines and equipment for more details).
  • If you are unsure of safe fighting techniques, training on how to fight safely will be available on request.
  • All blows by weapon must be controlled and pulled so they do not cause pain or bruising and must be used in line with the Weapon Size rules. 
  • Participants in combat must ensure they are not intoxicated in order to fight safely.
  • Striking with a shield, barging or body checking is not permitted.
  • Never aim arrows or crossbow bolts at the head, always reduce the draw on bow shots for closer targets and do not fire crossbows at targets under 10’ as it is not possible to reduce the draw.
  • Arrows and bolts must be rechecked each time they are shot, training on how to safely perform this check will be available on request.
  • Do not attempt to parry arrows or bolts with a weapon (shields are permitted) as this can make them spin and strike others with the nock.
  • Bows and crossbows must be slung or dropped if you enter or are engaged in melee.
  • The face, neck and groin are not valid targets. Always avoid hitting these areas.
  • Hooking or trapping weapons is not permitted. Hooking shields is permitted with specifically designed weapons (see weapons checking guidelines).
  • Thrusting or stabbing with weapons is not permitted unless they are specifically designed for this purpose (see construction guidelines).
  • Participants in combat must be 16 years or over, unless it is a specially arranged combat for younger players.
  • Non-consensual or underage sex does not occur or exist in this game world in any way shape or form and should not be discussed IC.
  • Any behaviour that can be construed as OC sexist, racist or discriminatory must be avoided. Discriminating against purely IC traits can be part of the game but you must avoid any IC discrimination that overlaps with OC discrimination e.g. gender, skin colour, modern culture or modern religion (see Equality and Diversity for more detail).
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