Bookings by Warband

Players in warband

User NamePerson NameCharacter NameWarband NameRequested Warband (not yet approved)BookingsTickets
jmgLegacyJames GoodeTamjin1Early Booking Adult Ticket
TomjTom JewellFergus2Early Booking Adult Ticket, Young Player (10-15)
Andyt112Andy thomasRohanVandrende Fa1Early Booking Family Ticket (2 x adult, 2 x under 16)
SteewartStuart Ellis3Day Ticket, Child (5-9), Under 5
TeepsTiah-Paige BurrellRubus Alluryn1Early Booking Adult Ticket
BranwenAbigail Markham2Early Booking Adult Ticket, Young Player (10-15)
KshniDai AustinFythe1Early Booking Adult Ticket
HellbronPeter Allan3Early Booking Adult Ticket, Young Player (10-15), Child (5-9)
THEEPANDASammie Dodds1Early Booking Adult Ticket
LauraHoskisonLaura Hoskison1Early Booking Family Ticket (2 x adult, 2 x under 16)
SamarStephanie WaldronMawt "The Third" al GhaskFamilies of the Western Sands1Early Booking Adult Ticket
LloydsMindLloyd WilliamsonJagdseelen1Early Booking Adult Ticket
BabsdoddsBabs DoddsMegin DugrJagdseelen1Early Booking Adult Ticket
zipitupukmark HoffmanJagdseelen1Early Booking Adult Ticket
DigitalPopsicleKraig MitchellBlaiddJagdseelen1Early Booking Adult Ticket
JadisNicola TaitGalbekiKheshig Möngönii Salkhi2Early Booking Family Ticket (2 x adult, 2 x under 16), Early Booking Adult Ticket
carsenereLuke southwellVachirKheshig Möngönii Salkhi1Early Booking Adult Ticket
knightt01Tim KnightDemetriosThe Chalice BearersThe Chalice Bearers1Early Booking Adult Ticket
vergerefoshPaul DennisonPyriteThe ReforgedThe Reforged1Early Booking Adult Ticket

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