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  1. You may cancel or transfer your ticket by email up to the close of standard bookings for that event. We reserve the right to charge a £5 admin fee for transfers or cancellations. Transfers will take the form of a direct transfer to a ticket of equivalent price or a credit for future bookings.
  2. You agree to abide by Legacy LRP rules and codes of conduct. Our decision is final in all disputes and we reserve the right to provide a decision without explanation.
  3. Legacy LRP reserve the the right to refuse entry or expel anyone from our events for breaches of our rules or codes of conducts. Your booking fee will not be returned if you are expelled from the event.
  4. All LRP weapons, bows, cross bows, arrows & bolts, shields and metal armour must be checked each event by the Legacy LRP weapons checking team prior to use.
  5. Metal or other non-LRP weapons must not be brought to Legacy LRP events. Reasonable camping knives are permitted but can only be used in your camp and must be kept in your tent.
  6. Legacy LRP cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss of property that may occur at our events. Our events involve LRP combat and by participating you are accepting that you may be struck by LRP weapons.
  7. No animals of any kind are permitted at our events.
  8. No radio transmitting equipment, frequency scanners or pyrotechnics may be brought to our events without our permission.
  9. No filming is permitted in In Character areas and we ask that care is taken to make photography unobtrusive and respect others privacy e.g.
    • Do not sell images without the express consent of people in them.
    • Honour takedown requests for published images.
    • Respect that for some people images of themselves on the internet (in or out of character) may cause upset or harm.
    • Always ask permission from parent or guardian before filming or photographing minors.
  10. Additional rules may apply based on the location of the event, check the event Location page for more details.
  11. To book for our events you must be 16 years of age or over, bookings for players younger than 16 must be made by someone 16+ years. All attendees of our event under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is 18+ and who will take responsibility for them at the event.


  1. The art and photography used on the website and in our publications remains the property of the artists. Their work should not be reproduced or used without their permission.
  2. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.
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