The LegacyLRP Team

The Legacy LRP Team

We are a non profit organisation staffed by a team of volunteers with many years working with large scale festival LRP events. The Management Team are:

Emma Woods

I am responsible for the referee and weapons checking teams at the event and have around 20 years experience of this in two of the three big UK systems. My focus at events will be making sure combat is being run safely and rules and codes of conduct are being followed.

Tristan Jackson

My focus in the team is making sure the plot teams all work together to deliver a consistent and fun game world. I have around 10 years experience in running large scale LRP events at one of the UKs largest LRP systems.


James Crollie

I have been involved in running LRP events for around 20 years for two of the three big UK systems. My focus in the management team is on both IC & OC logistics and making sure the event runs smoothly.



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