Trader Guidelines

  • To arrange a trade pitch contact us, we have have a limited number of spaces for IC or OC pitches.
  • The cost of a pitch is a donation of a suitable product to the event.
  • If pitched in an IC area please ensure you and your stall are as IC as possible
  • If you do not need a pitch then please still let us know you are intending to trade and note the other guidelines.
  • If you or your staff intend to play characters please book player tickets. Email us if you want to buy all the tickets together.
  • Any items sold for OC money at our events must comply with all standard legal requirements.
  • Food and alcohol sales are restricted to the designated bar and selected caterers only.
  • Please ensure your customers understand  that LRP weapons and armour sold must be checked by the Legacy LRP weapons checking team prior to use at the event (see Weapons Guidelines for more details)
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