Warband creation guide

To create a new Warband, fill in the details on the Warband creation form.

Your Warband will not be available to select on character creation until it is approved – this may take some time in the early stages.

When creating your warband’s background, please bear in mind these points:

  • Please do not plagiarise other settings/systems/books/films/games directly. By all means draw inspiration, but do not copy as we will not accept submissions of this type.
  • Please avoid reference to modern religions: e.g.┬áChristianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism.
  • Please do not create content that is deliberately crass or offensive.
  • Please be considerate of others when writing your brief. We will not accept submissions that discriminate against real world protected characteristics or are deliberately offensive – refer to our Equality & Diversity code for more details.

A warband providing its own setting material should provide the following details:

  • A warband name: the form will insist this is a unique name.
  • The approximate location of the warband: North, East, South or West. Selecting None means the band has no set territory – which means it will not have any resources provided at the start of the event.
  • An outline of the warband’s IC leadership structure.
  • A brief description of how the band fits into the setting.
  • An OOC group leader and an alternate in case they cannot be contacted.
  • A Deity (or be aligned to a pre-existing deity):
    • A Deity should contain a short brief on what they stand for/represent.
  • Check the box if you are OK with us publishing your warband and deity on the website.
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