Play Styles

There are many aspects to the Legacy game and like most fest style events you can choose to play the game and your character in many ways. To help you plan for the event the below are activities that we are keen to support:

Competition and Politics:

  • Fighting in the Battlegrounds to gain renown for your warband, that you can spend on upgrading your settlement or gaining bonuses for your next event.
  • Supporting your warband in the Battlegrounds by gathering resources, casting magic, and crafting items.
  • Discovering the uses of resources and using them effectively or trading them for the things your warband wants.
  • Discovering what your deity wants and obtaining useful blessings and support from them.
  • Making pacts and alliances with other warbands to fight with you and support you.
  • Hindering other warbands in the battlegrounds , through magic and items, through undermining their alliances or through thwarting their expeditions onto unholy ground.
  • Pleading for the lives of those sent to the underworld and undertaking some of the tasks set by the gods as the conditions of their revival.
  • Clear the local area of roaming unholy creatures and obtain resources from dead unholy creatures.
  • Settle scores that can’t be settled on holy ground by arranging to meet your enemies on unholy ground.
  • Gaining power and renown by ‘going on a patrol’ (aka Monstering) and helping Legacy LRP provide encounters for other players.

Culture and Entertainment:

  • Pleasing your deity by serving them with your everyday activities, hospitality, and artistic prowess – and many other things, depending on their character.
  • Taking part in non-combat cultural displays in the Oculus, and getting others to provide you tokens for renown.
  • Enjoying exploring the many different cultural backgrounds that the other groups have brought with them, and the misunderstandings that result.

Character and Setting Discovery:

  • Discovering how, and why, the gods have built the Battlegrounds and sent their servants to oversee it.
  • Discovering what the gods want in general and what they’re doing with Holy Ground and the Underworld.
  • Finding out about other people’s deities and deciding if you’re following the correct deity – although depending on their character, yours may be jealous…
  • Discovering what else is out there in the world and how it might affect you – both from other player groups and non player entities.
  • Discovering spells, recipes for items, potions and poisons – discovering what’s behind magic and what its limits are.
  • Finding opportunities for dream quests to uncover more information about magic, about unseen things, and about happenings in far away places.
  • Venturing out into unholy ground to discover more about what the unholy are and what they’re up to.

Changing the World:

  • Restoring safety and strength to your settlement – and ultimately your whole direction, and perhaps the whole world – by acquiring and spending renown, persuading your deity to help, and negotiating with NPC and other PC groups.
  • Persuading other people to follow your blueprints for rebuilding civilisation, or at least not rebuild in ways that are unacceptable to you.
  • Recruiting new followers for your deity from other warbands.
  • Trading and amassing power, resources, contacts and information.
  • Venturing out into unholy ground to complete assignments given by the gods for treasure or promises of future power and favour, and to reduce the threat to your settlements.
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